Golf Club Cleaner

Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaning is more efficient than hand cleaning!

This latest and improved cleaning technique prevents damage caused by scrubbing or scouring.

Why is it best to choose our machine?

  • Fully automatic cleaning system
  • Cleans a complete set (14) of clubs and grips within 3 minutes
  • Full guidance
  • Added value for your customers
  • Environment friendly
  • Your advertising or that of your members shown on the screen of the machine

The machine is fully computer controlled!

  • The inside of the machine will be automatically cleaned after 15 turns
  • The tank will be automatically filled with water and cleaning agent
  • Heats up automatically

Keep your grooves clean for a perfect strike!

  • To increase the speed and create spin.
  • To control the stability of your strike

Clean grips give you better control over the game

  • Sticky to the touch, offers a tacky feel
  • Better control
  • Longer life span
  • Always clean and hygienic

You might want to start looking for our golfcleaner. We offer you a trial period.

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