Luxury Drycleaning

“Treating delicate fabrics is our speciality”

With years of experience our skilful checking and cleaning of delicate clothing speaks for itself. Each piece of clothing we treat gets a luxury cleaning and is perfectly ironed.

At Bedeers’ we check each and every item for stains and if necessary, it receives a separate stain removal treatment. We then closely check and sort the items before putting them into the machine. After cleansing 7 highly experienced ironing personnel stand ready to perform their speciality. Every piece of clothing is checked to see that it is correctly ironed and only then, if in perfect condition, packed for dispatch.

Don’t worry if you cannot come to us. In the province of Antwerp we collect and return a minimum of 3 items every Tuesday and Friday.

Smoke, fire or water damage? You can come directly to us!

Your clothing is in good hands at Bedeers’ where you are certain of an environmentally friendly treatment. We comply with all the strict demands of the Flemish environment laws.

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