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“Working together with the third generation on the expansion of Droogkuis Bedeer (Bedeers’ Drycleaning)”

Bedeers’ Luxury Drycleaning is a family company with more than half a century of experience in fabric cleaning. We are specialists in the cleansing of all types of interior fabrics and luxury clothing. Our sister company Wasserij Ideale cleans and hires stain resistant mats. For sanitary hygiene, come directly to Wasserij Ideale.

The cleaning of interior fabrics has grown to be one of the most important tasks of the Drycleaning department.  The business is led by the second generation. Wasserij Ideale “Ideale Mats&Mops” is represented by Marc Bedeer and Ingrid De Lobelle. The Drycleaning section “Luxe Droogkuis Bedeer” is under the leading of Ivo de Bruyne and Marleen Bedeer.

In our business a family member controls every stage of the process where an end result is required.

From the third generation, Wesley and Stefanie Bedeer work on the expansion of Wasserij Ideale whilst Sarah de Bruyne specializes at Luxe Droogkuis Bedeer.


It all began back in 1958 when Eduard Bedeer and Maria De Coster took over a laundry in the heart of Mariaburg. Little did they know that it would grow into one of most important players in the textile cleaning sector.

In 1962 Eduard and Maria needed to expand their premises so bought a building on Kapelsesteenweg. What began as “self-washing” evolved into a laundry service which included ships’ laundry. Then began the cleaning and hiring of stain resistant mats. Eight years later they opened a second Luxe Droogkuis Bedeer. Eduard and Maria had never expected that this branch would be so successful. The official opening was barely over before they were informed that people were queueing round the block. This was one of the great successes of their career.

After many years the drycleaning department concentrated on the specialised cleaning of interior fabrics.

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